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Embassy of Azerbaijan is operating at its new premises, located at 302 ALBERT STREET, WATERKLOOF, PRETORIA 0181
Telephone, fax numbers and email address of the Embassy will stay as follows:
Telephone: (+27 12) 346 10 18 (+27 12) 346 08 29
Fax: (+27 12) 346 18 64
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dear friends,

Welcome to the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the Republic of South Africa website. In my mother tongue: Xosh Gelmisuz!

This is your gateway to everything you need to know about the Republic of Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan Embassy in South Africa, relations between Azerbaijan and South Africa and other useful information.

Relations between Azerbaijan and South Africa date back 21 years. We had established our friendship many decades ago; however there never was an official diplomatic representation from each other in our respective countries.

The government of Azerbaijan recognises the role that South Africa plays at the world arena and supports South Africa in its endeavour for the development, peace and security on the African continent as well as around the world. In order for two countries to work closer towards international development, Government of Azerbaijan opened Embassy in Pretoria in January 2012.

Azerbaijan and South Africa have a lot in common. Both countries achieved their democracies in early 1990s as the result of prolonged struggle and enormous sacrifice of their people; both states play influential role in their respective regions and are important players at the world political and economic arenas. Both countries want to prove the world that their people and governments, as well as their economies are capable of hosting global events. FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa and the First European Games 2015 (Baku 2015) in Azerbaijan serve as prove of the capabilities of these two young democracies.

Republic of Azerbaijan and Republic of South Africa pursue their independent foreign policy, focusing on territorial integrity, promoting and realising international economic projects. Being the active players in international organisations, Azerbaijan and South Africa play major role in the security and development of the international community.

Both states have rich archaeological history – Gobustan in Azerbaijan and Cradle of Human Kind in South Africa serve as internationally recognised evidence of that.

Azerbaijan serves as a bridge between Asia and Europe due to its location between Caspian and Black Seas. South Africa is the gate to sub-Saharan Africa.    

Since the opening of Azerbaijan Embassy in South Africa, bi-lateral relations strengthened dramatically, and numerous government and business visits were conducted by both states.

Dear friends, this website and our Embassy will assist you in recognising similarities that we share, as well as great potential that is shown by both Azerbaijan and South Africa.

I hope you will join us in strengthening the friendship between our young but strong democracies.

Thank you for visiting us. Our doors are always open for you.


Kind Regards                         


Elkhan Polukhov


welcome to azerbaijan

Welcome to Azerbaijan

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Azerbaijan unforgettable country


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A land of Magic Colors

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